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ETS 5506 Environmental Chamber

The 5506 Series is a multi-purpose 9 cu. ft. (225 L) acrylic benchtop chamber designed for both laboratory and production applications. Users can select from a wide range of ETS controllers and operating systems to meet their exact performance criteria. The 5506 can be used for conditioning, testing, storage and fabrication in electronic, electrostatic, biomedical, pharmaceutical, university research, R&D and many other applications. The chamber is large enough to accommodate equipment, fixtures, samples, assemblies and other items while fitting onto a standard workbench. Uses can vary from a basic uncontrolled box to full range precision humidity and temperature control. ClearView Acrylic construction provides excellent internal visibility. Accessories may include PID and On/Off Controllers along with humidification, dehumidification, heating and cooling systems.


  • 9 cu. ft. (225 L) work space
  • Standard 8” ports with gloves 
  • Door with 12” x 12” access opening
  • 32 cfm internal circulation fan
  • Clear & white acrylic construction
  • PS30 welded seams
  • Antechamber option






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