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ETS 803B Resistance Probe / Resistivity Probe (Surface & Volume)

The Model 803B Surface / Volume Resistance / Resistivity Probe complies with the requirements specified in ESD STM11.11, 11.12 and ASTM D-257 for measuring surface & volume resistance of conductive, static dissipative and insulative planar material. The Probe provides the specified 5-lb (2.2 kg) weight. The electrodes are made from silver-impregnated silicon rubber with Shore-A hardness of 65 durometer to ensure good probe-to-test-surface contact. Contact resistance of less than 1 ohm enables measurements of less than 10 Ohms to be made. Teflon insulators provide high insulation resistance between electrodes under most humidity conditions. The 803B comes complete with 4" (10.3 cm) metal and acrylic test beds. Standard banana jacks make the Probe compatible with resistance meter having cables with banana plug connectors.


  • 5 Lb., 2.5" diameterconcentric ring design
  • Conductive rubber electrodes
  • Conforms to ASTM D257, ESD STM11.11 and STM11.12
  • Surface resistivity = 10R
  • Ground and insulated test beds
  • Optional calibration fixtures
  • Optional 100R surface resistivity adapter






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