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OL 730-5 Silicon UV-Enhanced Silicon Detectors

Product Description:

The OL 730-5A and OL 730-5C UV-Enhanced Silicon Detectors are high impedance, low capacitance, planar diffusion photodiodes. These detectors exhibit superior uniformity over the receiver and are linear from a few femtowatts to a few milliwatts. They are mounted in rugged, aluminum housings that reduce EMI and enhance overall performance.


Application Type:

Detector spectral response, luminance/ illuminance, radiance/ irradiance, flux


Spectral Range:

200 - 1100 nm


Units Of Measure:

W/cm², W/cm² sr, lumens, candelas





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Hardware/Software History:




Photopic filters, radiometric filters, color temperature filters, neutral density filters, spectral bandpass filters


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