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Lenzing Wetback

Measuring rewet properties according to EDANA/INDA WSP 80.10 (former ERT 151) and WSP 70.8 (former ERT 154) – with reliable comparability of test conditions.


  • Best possible repeatability of the test procedure and therefore objectiveness
  • Comparability
  • Automated test routine without operator influence
  • Prepared for the use in combination with LISTER

In Detail

The rewet test is mostly used for diapers and sanitary goods. It measures the capacity of a nonwoven coverstock to hold back liquids even under the pressure of weight – just think of a wet diaper under the weight of a baby. This test is widely used but varies very much because of manual handling. The WETBACK offers reliable results by its automatic measurement procedure.







Lenzing Lister AC

Liquid strike through test according to EDANA/INDA WSP 70.3 (former ERT 150) and WSP 70.7 (former ERT 153) is automated measuring penetration properties.


  • Automated measurement – less mistakes
  • Standardized and used all over the world

In Detail

LISTER AC is an easy-to-use instrument providing reliable data on the time needed for a liquid to penetrate a non woven coverstock and is absorbed by a standardised filter paper.







Automatic Hydrostatic Head Tester


Measures the resistance of plastic foils, coated and uncoated fabrics and non-wovens to water penetration by means of the dynamic, static and program test method.


Product Information

  • Model FX 3000-4L PUM with built-in pump and mechanical sample clamp for a pressure up to 500 mbar (5 m water column)
  • Model FX 3000-4M with external compressed air supply and pneumatic sample clamp for a pressure up to 2,000 mbar (20 m water column).
  • Model FX 3000-4H with external compressed air supply and pneumatic sample clamp for a pressure up to 5,000 mbar (50 m water column).

Special Features

  • Alarm value reduces the operator's attendance time by as much as 90 %.
  • Automatic program eliminates the operator's attendance time for "pass/fail" tests.
  • Automatic drop detection with optional Drop Detector eliminates the attendance time for all tests.
  • Automatic water refill prior to each test with optional Automatic Level Control.
  • Well illuminated test area with unobstructed visual access.
  • Fast and convenient sample clamping.
  • Touch screen display for digital and graphic display of test result and test progress.
  • Table top unit, no plumbing required, only compressed air.
  • Data ports: UBS. Ethernet and optional WLAN for direct network access.
  • Optional integrated software for evaluation and storage of the test results in XML format.
  • Optional integrated strip printer for printing of a test report.
  • Works in accordance with all major test standards.
  • Calibratable.






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