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Air Permeability Tester FX 3345 FlexAir

Measures the air permeability and pressure drop of all types of flat materials, especially of contaminated samples, e.g. used filters, and in the production line.


Special Features

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Portable instrument, perfectly suited for mobile use
  • Battery-operated
  • Automatic test pressure control
  • Test head is mounted at the end of a 150 cm (59”) long hose
  • Optional PC Evaluation Software







Air Permeability Tester FX 3340 MinAir

The most compact Air Permeability Tester of TEXTEST inspires by its small dimensions, its low weight and its attractive price. The MinAir is suitable for measurements of the air permeability and the pressure drop when used in stationary but also in mobile applications. The instrument works in accordance with ASTM D 737, DIN 53887, EN ISO 9237, WSP 70.1 and many other national and international test standards.


Special Features

  • Fits anywhere. For stationary applications it requires little tabletop space and on the move, it can be transported in the supplied case.
  • Can store up to 100 test results in the internal memory. With an optional evaluation software the data can be transferred into a PC, where it can be stored, statistically evaluated and documented.
  • Easily replaceable test heads expand the measuring range and thus allow the measurement of most standard materials.
  • Optional battery makes the MinAir independent of a stationary power source.







Mobile Air Permeability Tester

FX 3320 MOBILAIR (Discontinued)

Measures the air permeability of all kinds of flat materials both, in the testing laboratory and in a mobile environment.

The instrument is particularly suitable for measurements on contaminated samples such as used filters.


Product Information

  • Model FX 3320-UP5 with sucking action for standard applications
  • Model FX 3320-OP5 with blowing action for contaminated samples, such as used filters.

Special Features

  • Wide measuring range of approximately 3-8,000 l/m²/s (= mm/s) (approximately 0.6-1,600 ft³/ft²/min).
  • Automatic test pressure control.
  • Fast and simple sample clamping.
  • Optional stretching device for even, bi-directional sample stretching in accordance with "FINA".
  • Portable carrying case style instrument, perfectly suitable for operation in a mobile environment.
  • Optional integrated strip printer for automatic, error-free documentation of the test results.
  • Data port, for example for a PC with the evaluation program L 5110 LABODATA III.
  • By means of the L 5110 LABODATA III the air permeability can be converted into the pressure drop.
  • Calibratable.







Air Permeability Tester FX 3300 LabAir IV

Measures the air permeability of all kinds of flat materials as well as foam cubes.

TEXTEST's most successful instrument.


Special Features

  • Wide measuring range of 1-10,000 l/m²/s at 20 cm² test area (0.1-1,300 ft³/ft²/min at 38 cm²).
  • Wide test pressure range of 20-2,000 Pa
  • For filter media: Determination of the pressure drop at a given air velocity.
  • Optional FX 3300-PNA Pneumatic Clamping Assembly for test samples with a high percentage of side air.
  • Automatic control of the test pressure.
  • Fast and simple sample clamping.
  • Touch screen display for digital and graphic display of the test result.
  • Quiet and mobile instrument, perfectly suitable for use in the laboratory and in the production area.
  • Automatic cleaning function of the orifice provides for stable test results.
  • Data ports: RS 232 and UBS. Ethernet and optional WLAN for direct network access.
  • Optional integrated software for evaluation and storage of the test results in XML format.
  • Optional integrated strip printer for printing of a test report.
  • Can be connected to a PC with the Evaluation Program L 5110 LABODATA III.
  • Works in accordance with all major test standards.
  • Calibratable.







On-line Tester FX 3500 COMBISCAN

Continuously measures the air permeability and/or thickness of fabrics, non-wovens, felts, films and paper maker cloth at the moving web directly in the production line.

On-line testing directly in the production line saves time and money.


Special Features

  • Wide measuring ranges: air permeability: 1 - 5'000 mm/s (0.2 - 1'000 ft³/ft²/min), thickness: 0 - 6 mm.
  • High measuring accuracy.
  • Measures cross profiles, length profiles and zigzag profiles.
  • Handles web speeds of up to 200 m/min (660 ft/min). (!)
  • High resolution of up to 1 mm test point pitch.
  • The modular system adapts easily to the requirements of the production line.
  • Calibratable.





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