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EN1273 Baby walking frames



Safety test equipement for Baby walking frames to come soon on line…




Baby & Child care

Baby & Child care

EN1273 Baby walking frames

EN1400 Soother test equipment

EN1466 Carry cots

EN1888 : Strollers

EN13209 Test equipment

EN14344 Child seats for cycles

EN14350 Drinking test equipment

EN15918 : Cycle trailer

R44 Child Restraint System

R129 Enhanced child restraint system



EN 716-2 : Children’s cots and folding cots

EN1729 School Chair Measuring Device SCMD

EN 1930 : Safety barriers

EN 12221-2 : Changing units

EN 12227 : Playpens

EN 12790 : Reclined cradles

EN 14988-2 : Children’s high chairs



EN 71 : Safety of toys

ISO8124 Safety of toys

ASTM F963 Toy Safety

EN71-8, EN1176 & EN14960 Playground test equipment

EN1176 Playground test equipment

EN14960 Inflatable play equipment

Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety

EN 61032 : Probes for verification of enclosures

EN 60745-2-1 : Drills and impact drills



EL-78(R) Abrasion Rotary Soles

This device measures the resistance to wear by contact / friction with the ground of the materials used for making soles (leather, natural or synthetic rubber, PVC, PU).

The abrasion machine consists of a sample holder in lateral displacement and in a rotary cylinder on which is fixed an abrasive cloth.

The sample is mounted on a pivoting arm.

The sample is pressed against the abrasive fabric with a force of 10 N and a lateral displacement so that the sample is passed through four times maximum at the same location by the abrasive cloth.

The test automatically stops when the abrasion distance is traveled.



EL-78(R) Abrasion Rotary Soles



EL-13 Bennewart flexing machine

This device measures the resistance to repeated flexing of soles.

Before testing the sample on the flexometer Bennewart, it is necessary to determine the stiffness of complex footwear to assess if it is about to test flexomètre Bennewart.
EN ISO 20344: 8.4.1 - Personal protective equipment - Test methods for footwear - Determination of resistance to bending of the outsole - strength test EN ISO 20344: 8.4.2 - Personal protective equipment - test methods for footwear - Determination of flexural strength of the outsole - bending test
the flexometer Bennewart also allows to assess the damage to cracking grooved surfaces. This test is applied to the outside of the shoe soles.
The equipment is supplied with 3 workstations each having a fixed jaw and a movable jaw. The latter have vertically for ease of manipulation by the operator.
he sample is oriented so that one side is bent at 90 ° with a radius of 15 mm and subjected to 140 bending / minute.

he design of the bending mechanism ensures, under the conditions of bending, that the plan created by the jaws on the perimeter of the bending roller will not interfere along its length. Sample Stretching will then function as the roll diameter or thickness of the sample.

The machine is equipped with a switch that allows the operator to stop the sample in two different positions: in the tensioned position to attach the sample to the jaws such that the surface is planar in maximum fold position for measuring the crack. All accessible moving parts are protected not a closed system ensuring complete machine compliance with European safety regulations.



EL-13 Bennewart flexing machine



EL-17W Shoes Bending Water

This test is applicable to all types of shoes and assesses several important aspects (eg quality of materials, assembly shoes, collage, ...).

This equipment assesses the ingress of water during flexion for a shoe as a whole. The machine comprises two separate water reservoirs and two bending mechanisms. Each station has a pneumatic cylinder independently controlled to raise and lower the boot in and out of the tank. A counter is used to program a number of cycles, which, once reached, will stop the machine and remove water samples.

This equipment is used to test all aspects of the shoe, including assembly, stitching and sole.



EL-17W Shoes Bending Water


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