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The German FilTEq dust filtration efficiency test system FEMA 1 helps you compare the characteristics of different pulse-cleanable filter materials according to VDI/DIN 3926, ASTM D6830-02, ISO 11057, GB/T 6719, GB12625 and other standards; at the same time, understand the filter through laboratory results Expected performance in practical applications. FEMA 1 can statically and dynamically test a variety of cleanable filter media for dry environments.


Test principle

The air is first sent into the vertical dust duct to produce a dirty airflow full of dust. The dust is dispersed with compressed air in the dust collector to form a uniform concentration. The entire vertical pipe is evenly distributed and flows downwards. Some of the horizontal pipes pass through the filter material under test with the suction airflow, which exposes them to a constant airflow and dust concentration To simulate the operation of cleanable filter material.

Dust forms a powder cake, resulting in an increase in pressure drop. The differential pressure sensor detects the change in pressure drop before and after the filter material under test in real time. Once the pressure drop reaches the preset value, the system releases the powder cake generated by the pulse of clean compressed air toward the dirty air side, and does the blowback cleaning (online cleaning) without affecting the air flow. After that, the tested filter material re-filtered the dust again and again. The cleaning pulse must be precise in time and highly repeatable, so that the pressure surface of the filter material is worn evenly and uniformly each time.

The removed powder cake and remaining dust fall with the vertical air flow to the dust collector at the bottom of the dirty air pipe. The instrument is also equipped with a dirty gas filter, so that the dust will not be re-dispersed upstream of the dirty gas of the tested filter material, resulting in an undefined dust concentration, making the measurement invalid (especially important parameters: residual pressure drop value); this design is realized Error-free long-term operation, without the need to frequently interrupt the measurement due to the cleaning of dust deposits.

International recognition
The US Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Environmental Technology Certification Program (ETV) uses FEMA 1 to certify the products of major global filter media suppliers in accordance with the Generic Verification protocol for Baghouse Filtration Products.

For details, please refer to EPA's official website for The Evolution of Improved Baghouse Filter Media as Observed in the Environmental Technology Verification Program.







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