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Instron 5900 Series Multi Station System

The Instron® 5900 Series Multi Station System offers enhanced throughput with its ability to perform simultaneous, independent tests on up to five (5) separate specimens using a single load frame. Based on our standard 5967 testing frame (30kN capacity)*, this system is especially suitable when expected test times are lengthened due to high elongation and return to gauge length or slow test speeds. If your test methods and expected results are similar for the specimens you are testing, this system is the ideal solution for cost-effective and efficient materials testing.

The pre-configured Multi Station system meets most test lab requirements for performing simultaneous tests. Depending on your workload, you can test one to five specimens at the same time. The system works seamlessly with 3 Materials Testing Software®Bluehill and has the ability show all required transducer channels on live displays.

The testing frame is offered in two pitch, load string spacing configurations to allow for various peripheral equipment. The narrow pitch is necessary when using the chamber option, offering an available horizontal spacing of 140 mm (5.5 in) and can only fit the 1 kN grips due to space constraints. The wide pitch, with available horizontal spacing of 165 mm (6.5 in), is necessary when using long travel XL extemsometers and will accommodate both the 1 and 2 kN grips.

*Note: Total capacity for all five loads; other capacities available upon request

System Components

  • 5967, extra-wide multi station frame with total load capacity of 30 kN
  • Pneumatic routing configuration to support the use of 5 sets of pneumatic grips or other test fixtures
  • Adaptors for mounting of grips/fixtures and loadcells to testing machine

Required Additional Components

  • Dell Premium Workstation PC
  • SCM Expansion 8 channel to simultaneously capture up to 5 load and 5 strain channels in Bluehill 3
  • Model 5900/5500A Sensor Conditioner Card
  • Static Load cells
  • Pneumatic Side Acting Grips or relevant test fixture
  • Bluehill 3 materials testing software with appropriate test application and Multi Station options
  • Force verification per transducer
  • Strain verification, extensometer, per transducer

Improve Efficiency and Increase Throughput of Your Facility

  • Single load frame pre-configured with five load strings allowing simultaneous, independent testing on separate specimens.
  • Economical extra wide frame design eliminates the need for several test systems
  • Convenient multiple test setup provides increased productivity
  • Simultaneous and synchronized data logging
  • Auto calibration on all channels
  • Easy-to-use Bluehill 3 test control software


  • 1942K, 5-port environmental chamber with roller mount, providing temperatures from -40°C to 200°C. Requires narrow pitch frame option.
  • 2603-080 or 2603-085, XL extensometer. Requires CP109659 support fixture to mount multiple extensometers.
  • CP109659, Support fixture for mounting up to five (5) XL extensometers to the Multi Station load frame. Requires wide pitch frame option
  • For use with 1 or 2 kN pneumatic grips. Wide-pitch Multi Station frame required for 2 kN grips. The 1 kN grips are compatible with either wide or narrow pitch frame.
  • Extra height frame






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