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OL 730-TE Thermoelectrically (TE) Cooled Detector

Product Description:

The OL Series 730-TE Thermoelectrically (TE) Cooled Detector Packages are designed for making broadband measurements with radiometer/photometers, such as the OL 730C and OL 730CV, or lock-in amplifiers such as the OL 730D. The OL 730-TE Detectors can also be used for making spectral measurements with spectroradiometer systems, such as the OL Series 750. The standard BNC signal output enables the OL 730-TE Detectors to be used with a variety of other instruments as well. All cooler reference settings are controlled by the detector interface board. This enables multiple detectors to be used with the same OL 730-TE Cooler Controller.


Application Type:

Radiance, irradiance


Spectral Range:

200 nm - 14 µm


Units Of Measure:

W/cm², W/cm²sr



Special calibrations available upon request


Associated Links:

OL 730C Radiometer/ Photometer

OL 730CV Virtual Programmable Radiometer/ Photometer

OL 730D DSP Radiometer


Hardware/Software History:






Product Videos:



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