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HSi-300 Hyper/Multispectral Imaging System

Product Description:

At the heart of the HSi-300 Hyperspectral Imaging System is our patented acousto-optical tunable filter (AOTF) imaging module. This technology fulfills the promise of multispectral and hyperspectral imaging through unmatched spectral flexibility and switching speed. The HSi-300 is now available with µ-Manager plug-ins, a free and open source application software platform for imaging and control of automated microscopes on multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac and Linux). The hyperspectral imaging systems are also currently integrated with DVC cameras and the Andor Ixon EMCCD family of scientific cameras, and will soon be integrated with Hamamatsu and Photometrics.


Application Type:

Remote sensing, fluorescence and transmission, materials identification, biomedical imaging, homeland security


Spectral Range:

450 nm - 800 nm, 500 - 900 nm, custom ranges also available


Units Of Measure:




With and without Andor Ixon camera; microscope and macroscopic/ tripod mounting versions available


Associated Links:

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Hardware/Software History:






Product Videos:

Introduction to the HSi-300 Hyperspectral Imaging System

Behind the Painting: Scienetists at Nottingham Trent University Use the HSi-300 Hyperspectral imaging System to Examine a 14th-centurty Painting


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