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OL 490 Agile Light Source

Product Description:

The OL 490 Agile Light Source delivers an unprecedented level of flexibility and power providing high speed programmable spectral illumination. It utilizes Texas Instruments' innovative Digital Light Processor (DLP) technology to offer a programmable and variable high intensity and high resolution spectral output. The OL 490 produces high resolution spectra via a flexible liquid light guide. High speed USB interface and easy to use software controls allow synthesis of complex optical filter systems and rapid spectral rates up to 10 kHz. The OL 490 is also available in the NIR wavelength range.

The OL 490 design is based on intellectual property embodied in US patent 6,128,078 Fatelet et al, filed February 11, 2000, issued on October 3, 2000. 

Gooch & Housego has licensed this patent.


Application Type:

Microscopy, chemometrics, products testing, instrument calibration, forensics, hyperspectral and bioscience imaging, testing of hazardous materials


Spectral Range:

380 - 780 nm (VIS), 760 - 1600 nm (NIR)


Units Of Measure:

mW, nm





Associated Links:

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Digital Light Innovations - Digital Light Innovations (DLI) is an authorized design partner/ reseller for Texas Instruments' DLP® technology, which is used in the OL 490 Agile Light Source.


Hardware/Software History:

Revision 1.06



New Accessories Introduced for the OL 490 Agile Light Source


Product Videos:

Introduction to the OL 490 Agile Light Source

DLP Hyperspectral Imaging for Surgical Utility


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