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OL 200/ 220/ 245 High Accuracy Standards of Spectral Irradiance

Product Description:

We offer 1000-W (OL Series 200), 200-W (OL Series 220), and 45-W (OL Series 245) tungsten-halogen lamps, which are calibrated over all or part of the 250 to 2500 nm wavelength range. The 1000-W and 200-W versions are offered with high accuracy and super high accuracy options. The high accuracy standards have a transfer uncertainty relative to the NIST Scale of ± 1 - 2%, and the super high accuracy standards have a transfer uncertainty of ± 0.5%. Additionally, the wavelength ranges of the 1000-W and 200-W lamps can be extended out to 4500 nm. Illuminance, color temperature and chromaticity values are also supplied with those standards calibrated over the visible spectrum.


Application Type:

Spectral irradiance, total irradiance, illuminance, color temperature


Spectral Range:

250 - 4500 nm


Units Of Measure:

W/ (cm²nm)



Color temperature calibration; photometric calibration; high stability calibration; super high-accuracy/ high-stability calibration


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Hardware/Software History:




Lamp holder, lamp holder mount


Product Videos:

Photometric and Spectral Calibration Standards


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