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OL FEL High Accuracy Irradiance Standard

Product Description:

The OL FEL standards are NIST-traceable, 1000-W FEL-type lamps. They have tungsten coiled-coil filaments and a bi-post base, as recommended by NIST. They can be obtained with calibrations over part or all of the 250 to 4500 nm wavelength range. Various optional accessories are available.


Application Type:

Spectral irradiance, total irradiance, illuminance, color temperature


Spectral Range:

250 - 4500 nm


Units Of Measure:

W/ (cm²nm)



High stability calibration; high-accuracy/ high-stability calibration


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Hardware/Software History:




Lamp holder, alignment jig, lamp holder mount


Product Videos:

Photometric and Spectral Calibration Standards


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