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OL 770-ADMS Automated Display Measurement System

Product Description:

The OL 770-ADMS is a modular, motion control platform suitable for a variety of automated measurement applications, including display testing. The system features our OL 770 High-speed Multichannel Spectroradiometer for complete, robust, and flexible tool. The motion system is expandable up to five axes (x, y, z, horizontal, and vertical). Powerful software allows users to create scripted automation and even the integration of other measurement tools for fully automated parameter testing.


Application Type:

Luminance, diffuse reflection, chromaticity, gray scale, specular reflection, contrast ratio, gamma, sunlight readability, uniformity, viewing angle, ambient contrast ratio


Spectral Range:

380 - 780 nm (VIS); 380 - 1100 nm (VIS/NIR)


Units Of Measure:

W/cm² str nm, W/cm² sr, fL





Associated Links:

OL 770-DMS Display Measurement System


Hardware/Software History:

Revision 4.45



5-axis controller, 2-axis controller, transistion x, y, z stages, 2-axis goniometer, 1-axis horizontal goniometer, 1-axis vertical goniometer


Product Videos:



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