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OL 770-NVS Night Vision Display Test and Measurement System

Product Description:

The OL 770-NVS Night Vision Display Test and Measurement System offers a complete solution for measurement of NVG-compatible lighting and displays. The system features multi-channel detection for ultra-fast measurements while exceeding all MIL-L-85762A Appendix B requirements. It is portable and lightweight, and offers a choice of measurement modes. The software is capable of all calculations currently required and is easily extended to new requirements. Seamless integration with Microsoft Excel and Word provides powerful extensions to data collecting and reporting. The Windows 2000/XP compatible software allows for turnkey automated operation.


Application Type:

NVIS/ANVIS compatability, aircraft lighting and display (cabin & external)


Spectral Range:

380 - 1100 nm


Units Of Measure:

W/cm² str, W/cm² nm sr





Associated Links:

OL 750-NVG Automated Spectroradiometric Measurement System Configured for MIL-L-85762A


Hardware/Software History:

Revision 4.45



OL Series 455 Integrating Sphere Calibration Standard (Bulletin 108)


Product Videos:

OL 770-NVS Night Vision Display Test & Measurement System

OL 770-NVS System Demo at Defense, Security, and Sensing Symposium 2011


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