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OL 771 High Speed High Brightness LED Measurement System

Product Description:

The OL 771 is based on our successful OL 770-LED Test & Measurement System but designed specifically for high brightness sources such as today's innovative, high performance LEDs. The OL 771's electronics are housed in one rugged, portable enclosure and features highly intuitive Windows-based software.


Application Type:

Total & luminous spectral flux, averaged spectral intensity, irradiance msmts of high brightness LEDs & other light sources


Spectral Range:

380 - 780 nm


Units Of Measure:

W/cm², lumens, candelas, W





Associated Links:

OL 770-LED Test and Measurement System


Hardware/Software History:

Revision 4.45



OL 15AB LED Receptor (Bulletin 97)

OL 700-10 USB Precision Power Supply (Bulletin 95)

OL 700-22 Pulsed Xenon Flash Source (Bulletin 90)

OL 700-30 Goniometric Measurement Assembly (Bulletin 99)

OL 700-70 Integrating Sphere Reflectance Attachment (Bulletin 92)

OL 700-71, -73, -74 Reflectance and Transmittance Attachments (Bulletin 86)

OL 700-88TC Liquid Cooled Temperature Controller (Bulletin 102)

OL 700-86VP Vacuum Pump Assembly (Bulletin 87)

OL 700-FCS Field Calibration Standard (Bulletin 88)

OL 700-LFOV Large Field-of-View Adapters (Bulletin 85)

OL 770 Series and Luxeon Holders (Bulletin 96)

OL 770-15Q-A Automated Neutral Density Filter Wheel (Bulletin 89)

OL 1272-LED Partial and Total Flux Integrating Sphere (Bulletin 83)

OL IS-670-LED Integrating Sphere (Bulletin 98)


Product Videos:



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