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Slip resistance tester

EL-88 Slip resistance tester

This equipment is used to test a wide range of shoes and types of floor coverings. It comes with a PC management program that instantly calculates the coefficient of friction.

Slip resistance is based on the friction force necessary to maintain a pointe shoe or leg slipping on a walking surface under conditions likely to be found when walking. The coefficient of friction may be measured in several ways and with test surfaces of different kind.

Bally penetrometer

EL-26 Bally penetrometer

The sample (boot or shoe leather) is twisted to simulate shipping conditions.

Flexometer VAMP

EL-15 Flexometer VAMP

The flexometer VAMP is used to evaluate the formation of cracks in the bending zone of the shoe during use, in accordance with the above standards. This test is suitable for the different materials used in the assembly slaps (in English Vamp), upper part of the rod covering the forefoot. These materials such as leather, synthetic and other coated textiles are exposed to cracks formation during bending.

Longitudinal and torsional stiffness of complete footwear

EL-29 Longitudinal and torsional stiffness of complete footwear

The main objective of this test equipment is to evaluate the complete comfort of the shoe.

Shock absorption tester

EL-44 Shock absorption tester

Equipment to evaluate the absorption properties of the shock assembly materials.

Shoe heels impact tester

EL-42 Shoe heels impact tester

This equipment is intended to evaluate the resistance of heels used for women's shoes.

Abrasion Laces

EL-35 Abrasion Laces

Apparatus for measuring the resistance of laces to abrasion, repeated rubbing against another yaw, an eyelet or hook.

Abrasion Laces

EL-36 Abrasion Laces

Apparatus for controlling the yaw abrasion resistance to repeated rubbing on standard grommets or the abrasive action of an eyelet on the lace.

Shoes Bending Water

EL-17W Shoes Bending Water

This test is applicable to all types of shoes and assesses several important aspects (eg quality of materials, assembly shoes, collage, ...).

Abrasion Rotary Soles

EL-78(R) Abrasion Rotary Soles

This device measures the resistance to wear by contact / friction with the ground of the materials used for making soles (leather, natural or synthetic rubber, PVC, PU).

Bennewart flexing machine

EL-13 Bennewart flexing machine

This device measures the resistance to repeated flexing of soles.


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