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X-Rite Ci4200 Compact Benchtop Spectrophotometer

A reliable and accurate benchtop spectrophotometer that serves as the foundation for operations seeking to establish a color control program or one looking to improve an existing program that currently relies on non-spectral devices or visual inspection pass/fail methods.

The Ci4200 sets the new standard for performance and features in an easy to use compact sphere benchtop solution that when combined with a tiered offering of Color QC and Formulation software applications can be scaled to support a growing color program.


  • Embedded NetProfiler enables users to monitor the performance of their population of instruments, optimizing measurement agreement and remote certification of performance
  • Data compatibility X-Rite sphere handhelds
  • Available calibrated UV (Ci4200UV)
  • Correlated 60º gloss value
  • Embedded transform enabled
  • LED membrane provides status and operation feedback with remote trigger
  • Sample targeting / viewing via sample arm
  • Simultaneous SCI/SCE measurement 2 seconds (Ci4200)
  • Vertical and horizontal positioning







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