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X-Rite Color i5 Benchtop Spectrophotometer (Discontinued)

A flexible instrument for accurate, high-volume production measurement of a wide variety of samples sizes, shapes, textures, and opacity levels. An embedded NetProfiler system combines with self-diagnostic, and auto-configure functions ensures consistent, precise performance.

High Volume Performance
The ideal mid-range benchtop solution for measuring a wide range of samples that delivers unprecedented operating ease and flexibility in high-volume production operations.

NetProfiler® Embedded
An on-board system that monitors instrument performance and can optimize and certify, remotely via the internet, without the need for additional service, enabling the exchange of spectral color data with confidence while cutting operating costs.

Simultaneously Measure SCI/SCE and Calibrated UV Control
Tri-beam technology allows simultaneous measurements of SCI (specular component included) and SCE (specular component excluded), enabling correlated gloss measurement and gloss assessment for gloss corrected color formulation. This simplifies measuring pure color or simulating how the human eye responds to surface effects. Automated UV control provides speed and convenience for automatic UV D65 calibration and adjustment and UV included / excluded measurements. This provides for accurate measurement of optically brightened or fluorescent samples.

Complete Auto-Configuration Simplifies Setup And Eliminates Measurement Errors
It's practically impossible to take bad color measurements because the system automatically configures itself. Plus, each measurement includes a "digital signature" verifying the instrument's status. So anyone using your data will know it's reliable - including suppliers, customers or other operators and facilities.

Reflectance and Transmittance
Three area of view aperture sizes, available for both reflection and total transmittance and a direct transmittance aperture, provide versatility in dealing with various sample sizes. Sample measurement orientation provides the option of either horizontal or vertical sample positioning. These add convenience and give you the most flexibility to match more samples sizes, shapes, and any opacity level.

Remote Standard and Trial Buttons
Remote read buttons allow the user to trigger a measurement and identify the data as either a standard or trial measurement directly from the Color i5. The sample preview capability allows the user to verify sample targeting which speeds measurements while eliminates errors.

Led Status Panel Uniquely Warns You When You Are At Risk
Allows users and supervisors to verify the Color i5's status and configuration at a glance







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