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X-Rite Color iTextile Color Quality Control Software

Color iTextile adapts to your workflow to make color fast and easy. Color iTextile Software is a document-oriented software solution that removes the guesswork from evaluating colors. Its easy adaptability allows analysis of lab dips, production samples, and finished products. Coupled with the industry’s most advanced color matching technology, Color iTextile enables quick, accurate color analysis with the capability to optimize every formula for cost and color accuracy.

Product Features:

  • User Defined Screen Layouts
  • Interactive Plots and Graphs
  • Visual Representation of Tolerances
  • Cross Trial Color Differences
  • Document Driven Architecture - Jobs
  • Multiple Tolerancing Methods [User, Statistical, CMC, Historical]
  • Data Tagging and Tracking
  • NetProfiler Enabled
  • Import Capabilities [CxF, EXP, DAT, QTX]
  • Data Management / MS Access Database
  • Fully Integrated Quality Control and Formulation
  • Supported Instruments: Color i7, Color i5, Ci52, RM61, XTS, CFS57
  • Language Options: English, Chinese, Portuguese, Korean

Formulation Features:

  • Superior Color Matching
  • Measurement Modes
  • Tristimulus Matching
  • Formula Search
  • Multiple Target Matching
  • Manual Formulation and Correction
  • User Definable Formula Output
  • Quick Corrections
  • Primary Evaluation
  • Configurable Recipe Scoring and Formula Sorting






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