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X-Rite ColorEye XTH Portable Spectrophotometer

ColorEye XTH is the only instrument you'll need for reading both large and small samples, as well as the most challenging shapes and sizes. Lightweight, yet powerful, this compact portable offers accurate, flexible measurements, especially on contoured and textured opaque parts.

Product Features:

  • Simultaneous SCE/SCI measurements allow you to measure pure color and simulate how the human eye responds to surface effects such as gloss or texture at the same time.
  • Unique 3-D targeting technology with removable target foot provides precision color measurements on the most challenging sizes, shapes and surfaces.
  • Dual apertures (10mm and 5mm diameters) enable a single unit to accommodate the broadest range of part sizes and shapes, eliminating the expense of multiple instruments.
  • Patented XT5 technology two-dimensional CCD provides a dual-beam system for simultaneous measurement of SCE (specular component excluded) and SCI (specular component included).







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