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Oxford MQC Benchtop NMR analyzer


The benchtop NMR MQC analyser addresses a range of industry-specific Quality Control requirements using proven, reliable and simple-to-use technology.

In many industries there is a requirement to accurately, reliably and simply measure the amount of a viscous or liquid component in the presence of other solid materials. The MQC meets this requirement with a technology that avoids the needs to separate the different phases; making sample preparation trivial, removes the need for extensive operator training, and provides fast accurate results. That means a more consistent product from your manufacturing operations, better process control, and reduced costs.

Our development and applications teams have created industry-specific applications for the following:

  • Lubricant on fibre, yarn or textile - spin finish, oil pick up (OPU), finish on yarn (FOY), avivage
  • Oil content of oilseeds
  • Oil content of snack foods
  • Oil and fat content of foodstuffs
  • Solid Fat Content (SFC)
  • Xylene solubles in polypropylene
  • Oil or polybutadiene in polystyrene
  • Plasticiser in PVC
  • Hydrogen content of aviation and other fuels
  • Fluoride content of toothpaste





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