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Mobile Air Permeability Tester

FX 3320 MOBILAIR (Discontinued)

Measures the air permeability of all kinds of flat materials both, in the testing laboratory and in a mobile environment.

The instrument is particularly suitable for measurements on contaminated samples such as used filters.


Product Information

  • Model FX 3320-UP5 with sucking action for standard applications
  • Model FX 3320-OP5 with blowing action for contaminated samples, such as used filters.

Special Features

  • Wide measuring range of approximately 3-8,000 l/m²/s (= mm/s) (approximately 0.6-1,600 ft³/ft²/min).
  • Automatic test pressure control.
  • Fast and simple sample clamping.
  • Optional stretching device for even, bi-directional sample stretching in accordance with "FINA".
  • Portable carrying case style instrument, perfectly suitable for operation in a mobile environment.
  • Optional integrated strip printer for automatic, error-free documentation of the test results.
  • Data port, for example for a PC with the evaluation program L 5110 LABODATA III.
  • By means of the L 5110 LABODATA III the air permeability can be converted into the pressure drop.
  • Calibratable.







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