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Air Permeability Tester FX 3340 MinAir

The most compact Air Permeability Tester of TEXTEST inspires by its small dimensions, its low weight and its attractive price. The MinAir is suitable for measurements of the air permeability and the pressure drop when used in stationary but also in mobile applications. The instrument works in accordance with ASTM D 737, DIN 53887, EN ISO 9237, WSP 70.1 and many other national and international test standards.


Special Features

  • Fits anywhere. For stationary applications it requires little tabletop space and on the move, it can be transported in the supplied case.
  • Can store up to 100 test results in the internal memory. With an optional evaluation software the data can be transferred into a PC, where it can be stored, statistically evaluated and documented.
  • Easily replaceable test heads expand the measuring range and thus allow the measurement of most standard materials.
  • Optional battery makes the MinAir independent of a stationary power source.







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