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Conditioning Cabinets



Libero LB501 Conditioning Cabinet



BINDER incubator

BD series:
Microbiological incubators with natural convection

The BINDER incubator of the BD series with gravity convection is the specialist in long-term and stable continuous operation. This incubator is specially designed for gentle incubation of organisms, as well as conditioning of heat-sensitive media or microbiological heating.


ETS 5532 Controlled Environment Chamber

The Model 5532 is designed to accommodate equipment and material requiring excellent visibility, precision, stability and a large internal work area (13 cu. ft., 368 l). Independently maintain humidity from 98% RH and temperature from 64-135°F (18-55°C). Uses include weighing, testing, storage, fabrication and aging in biomedical, pharmaceutical, automotive, electronic, DOD, electrostatic, university research and other applications.


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