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Thwing-Albert Mechanical Elmendorf ProTear

The mechanical version of the ProTear®  Tear Tester. This tear tester provides the same pendulum configuration without the electronics. It is designed for easy capacity changes, with a range of 400 - 6,400 grams.

Adheres to:

  • ASTM D295, ASTM D752, ASTM D4247, ASTM D1424, ASTM D1922
  • TAPPI T414, T496
  • ISO 1974, ISO 9290
The Mechanical ProTear is a basic tear tester that offers an economic alternative to the electronic version. This model offers the quick change pendulum configuration without an electronic readout. Test results are obtained by means of a pointer on a graduated scale from 0-100%


  • Quick capacity change with augmenting weights
  • Industry Standards:
    • ASTM D295, D752, D4247, D1424, D1922
    • D5734
    • TAPPI T414, T496
    • BS 4253, 4468
    • CPPA D.9
    • DIN 53862, 53128
    • ISO 1974, 9290
    • EN 21974
    • SCAN P11


The operation of the ProTear is easy —simply secure the sample in the two clamps, make an initial tear with the attached blade and release the pendulum. The tearing resistance of the material is measured via the transference of the potential energy stored in the raised pendulum to kinetic energy. A portion of this energy is absorbed during the tearing of the sample and is used as a measure of the materials resistance to a continuing tear. The energy required to tear the sample is reported as a percentage of the pendulum capacity or force.




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