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Thwing-Albert ProGage 厚度測試儀

The ProGage utilizes the most advanced technology to quickly and accurately measure the thickness of sheeted materials such as paper, plastic film, tissue and toweling, nonwovens, and textiles.


Thwing-Albert Handle-O-Meter 柔軟度測試儀

Measure the combined effects of flexibility and surface friction of sheeted materials including nonwovens, tissue, toweling, film and textiles with the Handle-O-Meter.


Thwing-Albert Mechanical Elmendorf ProTear

The mechanical version of the ProTear®  Tear Tester. This tear tester provides the same pendulum configuration without the electronics. It is designed for easy capacity changes, with a range of 400 - 6,400 grams.


Thwing-Albert Heavy Duty Electronic ProTear

The Heavy Duty Tear Tester/Heavy Duty Elmendorf tests fabrics such as canvas, sailcloth and denim. Thwing-Albert's Heavy Duty Tear Tester uses the same software as our standard ProTear® Tear Tester, and this rugged instrument tests up to 25,600 grams.


Thwing-Albert Electronic Elmendorf ProTear

Enjoy the reliability of the ProTear Tear Tester. The Tear Tester offers the convenience of a user-friendly instrument that gives you more information quicker and easier than other devices. This tear tester makes tear testing a very easy test to perform.


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